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  • The multi-role utility drone with up to 3-hour flight times and interchangeable power modules. With the X55, you get the best of both worlds - heavy payloads with the Battery Module and extraordinary flight times with the Hybrid Module. The Battery Module tray is included with X55, but the Hybrid Module is sold separately. Batteries also sold separately. 

    X55 (Standard Package)

    SKU: 1


    Shipping is not included. 
    We will send a final balance invoice when your order is ready. 

    IMPORTANT NOTES: For the X55 & Hybrid Module, only a 40% deposit is required for reserving your order, but you can pay for everything up-front. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping. Please use the Get a Quote page if you want to pay the deposit only. 

    Shipping to all US states and internationally. 
    Contact us for lead time!



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