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Heavy Lift Drone

Heavy Lift Industrial Drone

Arcsky X55  The heavy lift drone that does it all

The X55: The heavy lift drone that doesn't compromise

The X55 is a high-performance heavy lift UAV renowned for its unmatched versatility and reliability. With modular power sources, our drones excel in heavy-lift capacities and extended flight times, making them the perfect choice for various industries, including inspection, agriculture, mapping, mining, construction, and more.

17 lbs (8kg)  Payload Capacity

Robust and powerful 

BLDC and ESC system allows payloads of up to 17 lbs (8kg)

Up to 12 Miles (20km) Radio Range
(with standard options)

Integrated controller, ground station, and wireless video transmission system, with a range of up to 20km, and included mission planning software for automated flights. Longer range options available upon request.

Long Flight Time Capabilities

Powerful yet efficient propulsion and a lightweight airframe design allows flight times of up to 45 minutes with battery power, and up to 3 hours when equipped with the Hybrid Module.

Ease of Travel

Effortlessly pack within minutes and easily stow away in a sturdy travel case - you're all set for a hassle-free airline check-in.

Other Features Include

  • Battery Agnostic

  • Remote ID compliant

  • Weatherproof design

  • Integrated FPV


  • Accessory power outputs


The X55 heavy lift drone is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of aerial drone applications, making it an ideal choice for any work you can envision.

Agriculture | Gas Detection | Infrastructure Inspection | Mapping 
Search and Rescue | Surveillance | Border Patrol | Wildlife Monitoring

Arcsky X55 Heavy Lift Drone

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Arcsky X55 industrial enterprise drone
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Multirole Heavy Lift Drone
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