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Arcsky X55 heavy lift industrial drone

Surveillance & Public Safety

Surveillance & public safety are demanding applications. The weatherproof design, long flight time and robust communication link ensures the X55 is ready for operation 24/7. 

Long Range Communication
Communication range up to 20km with the Herelink unit. Options for longer range are available.  

Extreme Cold Weather Operation
With the Hybrid Module, the X55 is capable of operating in extreme cold temperature without the limitation of LiPo batteries.

Near Continuous Operation
With a quick refill, the Hybrid Module is ready to go again, giving near continuous operation for the X55.

Quick Deployment
Ready to go in less than 3 minutes with no tools needed.  


Wiris Pro payload

The long flight time with the Hybrid Module is critical in life-and-death situations such as search & rescue missions and firefighting operations.

Security Thermal Camera

Surveillance Systems

The ability to stay in the air for hours gives the X55 an advantage when it comes to surveillance use cases such as border and coastal patrol, security over mining and industrial sites, and many more. 

Surveillance camera

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