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Inspection & Monitoring

Inspection & monitoring over a large area is often restricted by flight time limitations. With the Hybrid Module as a power source,  you can extend the flight time up to several hours. With nearly continuous operation, productivity and efficiency is significantly increased. 

Long Flight Time and Heavy Lift Capability
Modular power sources give the X55 the ability to fly for hours and carry very heavy payloads.

Automated Flight 
Automated mission capabilities allow the user to perform routine inspection and monitoring tasks without having to fly the X55 manually.

Top Payload Mounting Configuration
The modularity of the X55 allows the user to top-mount their payload, for a full 360 sky view. This is particularly useful for under-bridge inspection.

Travel with Ease
A compact folding design and a tailor-made travel case make the workflow easier when traveling between job sites. 



Thermal Inspection

With extended flight time capabilities, thermal data acquisition for utility inspection, solar PV inspection, and search and rescue can be done effectively and efficiently. 

High Resolution Imagery 

Turnkey solutions for capturing high resolution images for railroad track inspection, under-bridge inspection, wildlife monitoring, and more.

Agricultural Analysis

GPS guided automated flights enable precise data acquisition. Anything from mapping water stress across large areas to inspecting for damaged or rotting crops.

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