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Arcsky X55 with ILX-LR1 camera

ILX-LR1 Surveying Package

Arcsky X55 + Sony ILX-LR1

Optimized for Flight

Mapping  |  Construction Monitoring  |  Inspection  |  Photogrammetry

Sony's new ILX-LR1 camera is specifically tailored for industrial aerial applications, such as inspection, surveying, and mapping. Paired with the X55, you can achieve amazing flight times with this setup, and capture more data in less time.

61 MP Image Sensor

Automated Geo-Tagging

> 50 min with Batteries*
> 2 hrs with Hybrid Module

*With upgraded semi solid state batteries

Survey Planning Tablet View

Simple Survey Planning

Quickly plan out your capture mission and see the full details at a glance

Live Camera View

See the live view from the camera in real time and adjust settings on the fly

Live Camera View
ILX-LR1 camera lens

Huge Variety of E-mount lenses

The ILX-LR1 is an interchangeable lens camera, compatible with a wide range of E-mount lenses 

ILX-LR1 close up view

Small, Simple, Intuitive

Take advantage of the lightweight and simple design of the ILX-LR1 payload, and set up surveying and photogrammetry missions with ease.

Arcsky X55 Heavy Duty Drone with ILX-LR1 camera

Getting Started with the ILX-LR1

Learn more about the ILX-LR1 and the streamlined workflow that we offer for this application.

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