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Optical Gas Imaging Payload

Arcsky X55 + AerialOGI

Locate and Visualize Gases in Real-Time

Well Pads  |  Tank Farms  |  Gas Processing Facilities  |  Pipelines  |  Refineries

The AerialOGI payload provides a seamless solution for aerial detection of hydrocarbon gases, including methane and propane, and provides easy recording and reporting tools. It is an invaluable asset for the oil and gas industry’s efforts to reduce emissions and increase safety. Combined with the X55 and the Hybrid Module, this setup can achieve nearly 2 hours of flight time.


High resolution 640x512 MWIR sensor

Visualize 10+ Hydrocarbon Gases

EPA OOOOa Certified System


Simple and Intuitive Control Interface with Built-In Reporting Tools

Change sensitivity and display modes in real time, capture and record events with one click.

Colorized Gas Enhancement Mode

Allows for easier visualization and reporting, even against complex backgrounds.

Minimize Downtime,
Maximize Productivity

Complete inspection tasks on linear and spread-out assets more efficiently, while having the benefit of an aerial perspective and the ability to operate at a safe distance.

Getting Started with the AerialOGI Sensor

Learn more about the AerialOGI Sensor and the streamlined workflow that we offer for this application.

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