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The Ultimate Efficiency

Arcsky X55 + Phase One P3 


Phase One P3 Payload


The P3 + X55 Combo

Ultimate Efficiency for Inspection and Mapping

The P3 Payload from Phase One, with the incredible iXM-100 camera at its core, provides an all-in-one solution for demanding inspection and mapping projects where time, safety, and image details are critical. Combined with the X55 and the Hybrid Module, you can achieve more than 1.5 hours of flight time with this setup. 

Maximum Efficiency

The high resolution of the P3 allows you to fly higher and faster, and with the X55, you can cover larger areas on a single flight.

Best In Class Sensor

The iXM-100MP sensor ensures the largest coverage, highest dynamic range, and smallest GSD.

Smart Focusing

With the built-in rangefinder, every shot is automatically focused, even in complex and high contrast situations. 

Automated Geo-Tagging

Images automatically get saved with geolocation, rangefinder data, and gimbal positions.


Capture More With Every Shot

Power Lines  |  Railways  |  Bridges and Dams  |  Airfield Pavement  |  Oil and Gas  |  Surveying

Incredibly Powerful, Surprisingly Simple


Getting Started with the P3

Learn more about the P3 workflow with the X55. We've done the integration work for you so that you can keep your focus on collecting world class data. 

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