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Surveying & Mapping

Surveying & mapping payloads are rapidly advancing and very diverse. The modularity of the X55 gives you the flexibility to do it all with one integrated solution. With both heavy lift capabilities and long endurance, you can tailor your solution for anything from a simple lightweight package to heavy multi-sensor setups.

Long Flight Time and Heavy Lift Capability
Modular power sources give the X55 the ability to fly for hours and carry very heavy payloads 


RTK Precision
Positioning accuracy down to the centimeter level, to ensure the data collected is precise

X55 terrain following icon

Active Terrain Following
A downward facing rangefinder allows accurate terrain following, up to 100m range

Arcsky compatible with UgCS

Compatible with UgCS
Communication protocols that work with UgCS, providing for accurate terrain data and allowing the X55 to fly safely, even in mountainous areas



LiDAR Surveys

Surveys for applications like electric utility lines, mining, topographic maps, vegetation management, and more.

Magnetometer Surveys

High resolution magnetic data acquisition can be done rapidly, economically and safely in any terrain. Work that usually takes weeks can now be done in hours. 

Phase One payload
Mag Arrow payload

Precision Mapping

Precision-driven solution that simplifies surveying and mapping processes. The X55 enables the user to execute mapping missions, capture high-resolution images, and create 2D and 3D maps.

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