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Arcsky Hybrid mode and Battery mode
Arcsky X55 logo

Flexible power options.
One integrated solution.

NDAA compliant versions are available

Made in the USA

Designed and assembled in the USA

17 lbs

3 hour


Power modules can be swapped in a matter of seconds.
Quickly and easily switch between the Hybrid Module and the Battery Module based on your application's needs. 

X55 drone with a camera payload hovering in the air

"The interchangeable power unit really sets this design apart from other drones. The drone packs nicely into one tough portable box and we are able to set up and take down quickly."

Peter F. - Owner

Agcopter logo

Hybrid Module

Hybrid Module logo
Arcsky X55 hybrid drone

Hybrid power technology offers extended range, longer flight time, reduced down-time, and nearly continuous operation.



Fuel-Electric Power

The onboard generator produces steady state power for the drone

3 hour flight time

3-Hour Flight Time

Up to 3 hours of flight time, depending on payload


Back in operation
with just a quick refill

(91 octane gasoline + 2 stroke oil)


Our custom power delivery and control systems work together to keep the Hybrid Module running optimally at all times,
while the backup battery provides in-flight power redundancy.

Arcsky Hybrid Module features highlight

Exceptional Flight Time

feather icon
pixy-WS payload
Gremsy t3v3 with sony a7r payload

3 hours

No Payload  | 0 lbs

Hybrid Module logo

2 hours

Inspection Camera  | 3 lbs

1 hour

Mapping Camera  | 6 lbs

Arcsky X55 Hybrid Industrial drone

Battery Module

Battery Module logo

A heavy lift drone without compromise!
The Battery Module option provides a powerful solution for carrying heavy payloads while maintaining class-leading long flight times. 

Arcsky X55 Battery Module UAV

Adjustable rails to support a wide variety of battery packs

Arcsky Battery Module adjustable rails overview

Battery Module Flight Time

feather icon
Movi Pro Payload
Phoenix Lidar Payload
Phase One payload

45 min

No Payload  | 0 lbs

35 min

Mapping Camera  | 6 lbs

30 min

LiDAR System  | 12 lbs

23 min

Cinema Package  | 17 lbs

Battery Module logo

* Longer flight times possible with alternative battery options - contact us for more information

Arcsky X55 heavy lift industrial drone


X55 logo


Arcsky X55 airframe feature hightlights

With an airframe weight of just 18 pounds, the X55 is one of the lightest UAVs in its class. The robust propulsion system provides dynamic, maneuverable flight, even at max payload ratings.

Communication icon

Remote ID Built-In

Compliant with FAA regulations
and pre-configured for operation

Auxiliary Communication Port symbol

Auxiliary Communication Port

Integrate directly with servos, gimbals,
and other accessories

power icon

Accessory Power

Allows you to power your payloads directly from the aircraft at common voltages

Arcsky X55 compact foldable design for ease of transport

Compact Folding Design

Quickly and easily pack the drone up in a compact volume that is ready for transport

Payload Mounting

Bottom mount battery option frees up the top platform for mounting 
(bottom-mount battery tray sold separately)

Arcsky X55 top mount payload
Arcsky X55 enterprise drone



The X55 is the result of hundreds of hours of testing and iteration. Robustness and reliability are built-in. 

The modular design philosophy ensures that the X55 will not become obsolete with the introduction of new power sources or accessories.

Electrical & Environmental Testing

Ingress protection, maximum current, maximum internal temperature, cold and hot weather testing

Generator Testing

High load and endurance testing, tuning for optimal responsiveness and efficiency

Structural Testing

Thorough testing beyond rated specifications for the frame, arms, and landing gear

Arcsky X55 with payload hovering in the sky

"We have logged over 650 hours of flight time across our fleet of X55s and have flown a combined total of nearly 18,000 km."

"I can confidently say that MWH encountered zero days of downtime due to equipment failure. This level of reliability and 100% uptime is a dramatic improvement over our experiences with multiple other UAV manufacturers."

Marshall MacNabb, CEO

MWH Geo-Surveys International

MWH Geo-Surveys International logo


The X55 is quick and easy to set up, from case to flight-ready in less than 3 minutes.  No tools are needed.

X55 transport case
Hybrid Module transport case

X55 Transport Case

Arcsky X55 logo


Fits the folded X55 drone and the empty battery module tray
(Batteries must be transported separately)

Hybrid Module 
Transport Case

Hybrid Module icon


Fits the Hybrid Module with no need for disassembly or additional steps


Herelink controller
Qgroundcontrol graphics

The Herelink is an integrated controller, ground station, and wireless digital transmission system with a range up to 20km, and includes mission planning software for automating flights.

Qgroundcontrol FPV view

Other industrial controllers are also supported

Horus controller icon
Taranis X9D controller
Futaba controller

(additional controllers can easily be integrated by request)


RTK GPS Module

Positioning accuracy down to centimeter-level

Arcsky X55 RTK
Arcsky X55 rangefinder


Accurate terrain following, operational range up to 100m

Drone terrain following icon

High definition live video feed 
to the controller

Arcsky X55 FPV

FPV Camera

RTK GPS icon


Arcsky X55 Hybrid Module standing by for inspection task

Inspection over a large area is often restricted by limited flight time. The Hybrid Module allows you to extend flight time up to several hours. 

Arcsky X55 hovering in the sky performing surveying and mapping

Both heavy lift and long endurance capabilities. You can carry anything from a simple lightweight package to heavy multi-sensor setups.

Arcsky X55 hovering in the sky performing public safety task

The weatherproof design, extended flight time and robust communication link ensures that the X55 is ready for operation 24/7.

Arcsky X55 industrial enterprise drone
X55 logo

Heavy Lift Industrial Drone

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