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 A UgCS Compatible Heavy Lift Drone


A leading industrial drone control software to elevate your productivity


Arcsky X55

Wondering what ground control station (GCS) software to use for your professional projects? The Arcsky X55 is directly compatible with UgCS, an industry-leading GCS solution that's packed with user-friendly features and professional tools to get the job done efficiently and correctly. This is an ideal choice for surveying, mapping, and inspection tasks, among others.

UgCS offers a safe and efficient toolset for land surveying and industrial inspections. Planning tools are available for LiDAR, magnetometer, GPR, photogrammetry, and SAR surveys. Terrain following mode and custom elevation data import tools are built-in.

Achieve better results with the X55 + UgCS 

3D Map and Terrain Following

Powerful tools for uploading custom maps and terrain data

Works Without Internet

No need to be connected to a hotspot or WiFi connection while using the software in the field

KML Import + Export

Quickly and easily import and export KML files for cross-compatibility and easy visualization

Resume Route Tools

For longer missions, you can easily start at the last waypoint after changing batteries or refueling

Other Benefits

  • Save time and money
  • Increase surveying productivity and reduce downtime
  • Automatic photogrammetry and facade scan tool
  • Increase flight safety
  • Comply with regulations and no-fly zones
  • One software can manage multiple aircraft from different vendors

Arcsky X55 Industrial Drone 

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Contact us today to tell us more about your application, and how we can set you up for success with the most professional GCS solution in the market

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Multirole industrial enterprise drone
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