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Includes X55 aircraft, Herelink controller, and Battery Module tray - ready to fly with the addition of batteries

Durable travel case with custom foam inserts for the X55 and accessories

Optional built-in FPV camera for the X55 that has video feed available directly on the Herelink

Optional built-in downward-facing rangefinder that allows terrain following up to 100m

Base RTK Module that is compatible with the X55 and allows centimeter-level positioning accuracy

Standard flight battery set that fits perfectly in the X55 Battery Module tray

Ideal charger for 12s LiPo batteries, capable of charging 2 sets of liPo batteries simultaneously. 

Provides longer flight time and nearly continuous operation for the X55 - ideal for long-range missions or remote areas

Durable travel case with custom foam inserts for the Hybrid Module and accessories

Allows the user to mount the batteries underneath the X55, freeing up the top side of the X55 for payload mounting

Comes with 1 pair of X55 propellers (2 total), one clockwise and one counterclockwise

Leading drone ground control software (GCS) for industrial applications - safely and efficiently plan automated missions

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 9.37.25 AM.png

P3 inspection and mapping system with 100 MP stabilized camera and lens. Includes all items necessary for integration with the X55.


Aerial Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) system with all items necessary to use it with the X55. Includes Microsoft Surface tablet with all software installed.

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